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Looking Good on the Go: Beauty Travel Finds



    Looking Good on the Go: Beauty Travel Finds

    As if airport regulations haven’t made flying these past few years taxing enough, now we have to worry about catching swine flu while crammed in coach. Luckily for the flailing cosmetics industry, a key component to protecting our health is good hygiene (i.e. repeated hand-washing with lots of soap). And a key component to dealing with stress, hair frizz, ghostly faces, and airplane stench is an arsenal of TSA-approved beauty finds.

    When a pre-boarding Valium isn’t an option, try a mix of SheerinO’kho’s First Class Flight Mask, which shields and protects skin from the harsh environmental effects of traveling; Bach’s Rescue Remedy, as a few drops of the homeopathic solution directly on your tongue, plus a deep breath, can surprisingly work wonders on nerves; and one of the recently launched travel diffusers from Apothia. Weighing in at 3 ounce, the mini-diffusers come with a cork seal, making them the perfect antidote to airplane odor. Alternatively, Honore des Pres—the newest 100% organic fragrance line to be carried by Bergdorf Goodman—has got a sample spray pack. Given that the fragrances are organic, the scents don’t last long, so you can spritz yourself for aroma relief without angering other passengers.

    Now that you’re prepped, relax and block out any screaming babies via elizabethW’s Twilight Kit. The kit contains a lavender liner meant to be placed under your pillow, a silk eye pillow filled with lavender and flax seeds, and a CD of classical music. Can’t you just feel all your swine-flu worries melting-away? Incidentally elizabethW has also got a travel lingerie bag and aroma bags for suitcases.

    Speaking of suitcases, if you’re looking to avoid checking luggage, skimp on liquids and load up on wipes. Small Flower has sunscreen wipes, Pond’s has makeup wipes, La Fresh has anti-bacterial and inspect-repelling wipes, and most importantly—given that it’s summer and you’re hopefully getting some action—Sweetspot has got on-the-go wipettes to maintain below-the-belt freshness. Similarly, you can opt for solid shampoo and conditioner.

    If solid hair care is not your thing, Davines has a mini liquid shampoo and deep conditioner set housed in a reusable zipper pouch, while Barex Italiana has individual mini shampoos, conditioners, and styling products—all of which are color-coded by hair type, perfectly packaged to meet airline restrictions for carry-on, and have flip-top lids so you can just throw ‘em in your suitcase. To top off the minis, Solano has got a blow-dryer that weighs 14 ounces (i.e. 32% lighter than the average professional dryer).

    Moving from hair to face, Givenchy’s got Black for Light, a face mask set containing nine individually packaged iridescent black foam capsules. That’s right: black. Sure it’s a little gimmicky, but there’s a fun and totally juvenile fascination that comes with brushing unexpectedly colored foam on your face. Plus there’s no denying the efficacy of the lightweight formulation (the kit also comes with an applicator brush). On a similar note, Lisa Hoffman has a whole line of travel-friendly products, including cleansers, eye creams, toners, and lip serums, all of which come packaged in air-tight, single-use ampoules.

    As an alternative to pods, capsules, or ampoules, Hissy Fit’s Saving Face saves space by combining color and hydration with SPF 30 sun protection, while Freeze 24/7 combines their foundations, bronzing powder, and blush with anti-aging properties. For men, Jack Black has got a Jet Set Traveler kit with airline-approved cleanser, scrub, shave lather, and moisturizer.

    Of course, you could always get some pre-travel botox and take Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives of New York’s word that getting the injections means you can skimp on makeup ...