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List of "American Idol" Finalists Revealed

Vote for the Worst leaks identity of the 36 contestants who made it past Hollywood Week



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    The list of 36 finalists is up on

    Big fat spoiler alert: Vote for the Worst, that excellent online chronicler of all things Idol, has revealed the ultra-secret identity of the Top 36 warblers (it's 36 this year instead of 24) who made it through Hollywood Week -- the episodes of which Fox will only air next Tuesday and Wednesday -- to compete on the live show.

    We find Hollywood Week to be the gooey chocolate center of the cultural-lifeblood-sucking monolith that is Idol, because it's like backing up six trucks of schadenfreude onto your TV screen. This is the time when the deluded and/or detestable types who somehow got lucky and squeaked through the audition process tend to get their ego smackdown. And yes, it makes for some very good TV. So we say this with love: Think before you click.