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Let Your Fingers Do The Wasting



    Let Your Fingers Do The Wasting
    Ian Waldie/Getty Images
    Multiply this by one book for every person listed and you get an idea of the mess sanitation workers have to deal with.

    Yesterday delivery men in vans seemed to be taking great care to count the number of Yellowbooks they delivered to various buildings around the city. They had clipboards and carefully counted out their parcels, checking against a list to ensure that no individual would go without a book, even if it was just to let a child sit on it to reach the dinner table.

    Most people don't even need the phonebook for that task anymore, apparently. Because this morning, and even last night, those carefully counted phonebooks were carted directly to the trash, many of them still wrapped in plastic bundles. A call to new York City Sanitation yielded only the response that, "More than likely they will probably be recycled."

    There is in fact a form you can you can fill out on Yellowbook's website to request that they remove you from the delivery list for phonebooks. Judging by the walls of Yellowbooks littering the city's curbsides today, many people are either not aware of this or can't be bothered to fill out a form. Given how angry people seem to get about waste these days, we are going to go with the former. So here is a link to the form.