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Landlord Folded Her Panties

An Upper East Side woman is suing her landlords for allegedly entering her apartment, rearranging her stuff -- and, yes, folding her underwear.



    Landlord Folded Her Panties
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    Landlords allegedly rearranged one tenant's stuff, including her panties.

    A 22-year-old named Navah Meller claims her elderly, married landlords repeatedly accessed her apartment without permission and is suing them for $10 million, citing trauma and inability to sleep over the incident. Meller says she was startled when the wife let herself into the apartment back in January, as the tenant was home sick. Furthermore, according to the Daily News:

    Meller contends that 79-year-old super Ilona Biro rearranged her belongings, rolled up a tube of toothpaste, opened care packages from her mom and folded her panties without permission.

    We suspect that if the landlord folded her panties "with permission" it would still be creepy, just in an entirely different way.