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Iron Chef: Beer!

Get your brew-based winning dish -- or your judge's mettle -- ready for the 1st Annual Brooklyn Beer Experiment



    Iron Chef: Beer!
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    The 1st Annual Brooklyn Beer Experiment cook-off and home-brew-off. Be there.

    Such a simple idea, really: Why not throw a cooking competition where the central ingredient is beer? It's been used in stews, marinades and baking for centuries, after all. But at the 1st Annual Brooklyn Beer Experiment, they'll be looking for something a little more creative than a Guinness pot roast.

    On Sunday, about 25 amateur cooks (plus possibly you; they're still accepting entries) will prepare their beer-infused dishes for you, the discerning taster, at this event hosted by NYC cook-off champions Theo Peck and Nick Suarez (who you may know from the Chili Takedown or the Park Slope Pork-Off, among other events). Your vote, along with that of "celebrity" judges like NYT food writer Peter Meehan and Food Network host George Duran, will crown the Brooklyn queen or king of brew-based cuisine. And if you prefer your suds straight, a separate home-brewing contest is taking place at the same time. In other words, you have zero excuse not to be hungover on Monday morning (you do have sick days left, right?).

    1st Annual Brooklyn Beer Experiment
    Sunday 6/7, 1-5PM
    Bell House, 149 7th Street at 2nd Avenue, Gowanus, Brooklyn; (718) 643-6510)
    $18 includes one Brooklyn Brewery or Smuttynose
    More Info and Tickets: Website