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Idea of the Day: Hire Your Own Paparazzo



    Idea of the Day: Hire Your Own Paparazzo
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    This could be you.

    Now, this is genius on many different levels. In fact, we are having trouble understanding how we didn't think of this before. In this age of media saturation and celebrity obsession, in which we judge and scoff ever-so-freely at the celebutwinks who bemoan their lot in life, every citizen should take just a little time out to find out how the other half lives.

    Think of it. You hire a professional photographer to follow you around for a day documenting your every move. They follow you, they hide from you, they might even chase after you. You are a star for a day! Aside from gaining a little insight into the world of your favorite celebs, you also get to confuse the hell out of your neighbors, the local store owners and the strangers whose paths you cross during your day in the spotlight. And perhaps most importantly, at the end of it all you get a whole collection of photos, so you can see just how you'd look in US Weekly under a headline screaming, "Stars Buy Vegetables Too!"

    And those photos will actually show you how you really look as you operate in the world at large, as opposed to some staged setting in which you hesitantly and self-consciously grin into the lens. We think it's a brilliant way to waste some cash. And we tip our hats to one Ms. Sonia Zjawinski who thought the whole scheme up before we did.