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Hipsters Go Hard for Brooklyn (Kiiiiiidddding)



    Hipsters Go Hard for Brooklyn (Kiiiiiidddding)
    Joshua Lott/Getty Images
    Anything a girl wears to the ongoing Williamsburg costume party may be grounds for a viral video.

    Williamsburg is Dead must be rolling in its grave. Ground trod again and again in vids like "Hip or Dangerous?" and "Hipster Olympics" is once again being dredged up in the umpteenth viral vid. Where does it all end? See, skinny geeky white kids in Brooklyn are hilarious. And what's more fun than skinny geeky white kids? Yet more skinny geeky white kids poking fun at other skinny geeky white kids. The latest entrant in the game, "Saved by the L: The New Class" from comedy troupe It's the Real offers up yet more of the same. The Observer points out that this video is sort of a rip off of their own rip off from last summer. The hook here is that Santogold's "Brooklyn (Go Hard)" with Jay-Z plays in the background as skinny geeky kids make ironic jokes and play "pretend" hipsters.

    And they act all surprised when people attack them with machetes.