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Gallery: NYC 1961 vs. 2009

Attention, nostalgics and old-Gotham buffs: One blogger posts before-and-after shots of spots all over town



    Gallery: NYC 1961 vs. 2009
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    One blogger recreates his grandad's 1961 photos of New York shot for shot.

    What a fantastic project: Photoblogger-of-minutiae Paul Sahner (who publishes NYC Grid) stumbled on a trove of shots from his grandfather's 1961 visit to New York, and decided to recreate the trip, snapping present-day portraits of the exact same spots Gramps shot and posting them together in an addictive 1961 vs. 2009 photo gallery.

    Take a peek to see what hasn't changed (like the Radio City Music Hall signage, proof that when you hit on a good design, you stick with it) and what has (oh, Times Square, what happened to you?), via Curbed.