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First Madoff Movie Fails to Excite Us



    First Madoff Movie Fails to Excite Us
    This is real, and not the work of our resident Photoshop genius Everett.

    It was only a matter of time before someone started production on a Bernie Madoff movie, but upon learning today that Madoff Made Off With America (yes, that's the real title) has been in production since March, we can't help but feel disappointed.

    A compelling, outrage-inciting story, every facet of which has captivated the general public for months, starring one of the most nefarious white-collar villains conceivable -- and this is the best we can do? Sure, it's obviously a minor-league movie with unknown actors and a writer-executive-producer whose biggest success was once winning the Mr. Southern America bodybuilding championship, but we feel like Bernie deserves a little better for the big screen. We mean, if anyone could get behind this project, it's us -- and yet we feel not one tingle at the prospect of this film's release.

    Always optimistic, the Daily Beast believes a better film is possible, and they've proposed an alternate cast starring A-list actors. It's not bad: The Walter Noel-Sam Waterston likeness is uncanny, and Barbra Streisand as the Mrs. would give even straight people the chills.

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