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Film Shoots Leave More Than Memories



    Film Shoots Leave More Than Memories
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    Peaches Geldof seen filming on July 19, 2008

    It's no secret that TV and film production companies love to use our city as their stage.  Our streets are colorful, its corners set-ready, but most importantly, New York City has some of the biggest tax breaks in the world.  But what's left behind after all these shoots is more than memories, and is beginning to be seen as a problem to some familiar with the standard practices of the shoot-and-run production style.

    Eva Radke, of Fort Green, saw a toothpaste commercial leave behind $5,000 worth of mini-plants, plexiglass, and other materials, so she decided to do something about it.  Five months ago Ms. Radke founded Film Biz Recycling, a company that exists purely to sell, rent, or properly dispose of the enormous amounts of left-behinds that produciton companies ditch on our streets.

    The Brooklyn Paper reports that "In just five months, Radke has already collected recyclable material from more than a dozen commercials and four feature films".  One has to wonder how she keeps up with it all.  Sites such as Filming in Brooklyn, and local blogs like Greenpointers, Brownstoner, and Gowanus Lounge, all tend to mention ongoing shoots, offering fans the chance to run over and catch a glimpse of their favorite shows in production. 

    Just last week, the popular HBO show Flight of the Conchords was shooting in Brooklyn, and its likely Ms. Radke was standing by, ready for "business time".