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End-of-Days Watch: Times Pitches Front Page Ads



    End-of-Days Watch: Times Pitches Front Page Ads
    According to the Times, ads on the front page of the Times are a real bargain.

    The New York Times has never sullied its front page with display ads. Sure it's sullied other sections, but it's alright for Sports or Style to have ads on their front pages, right? Oh wait, they got folded into other sections and don't have front pages, now. The ad sales team must have said, "Wonderful, with the 10 grand we save on printing we lose 20 in ads. Okay, new plan: put the ad for CBS under the pictures of Palestinian children running from bombs."

    So it has come to pass that the bottom band of today's Times has a full color display ad below the fold. And as reported by, well, The New York Times ("And we get a scoop, too!"), the Times is offering some primo ad space: "Ordinarily, such space would be coveted by advertisers for its prominence." The hard-hitting story also quotes media industry insiders: "An ad on a paper’s front page 'really stands out; it’s very attractive,' said Beth Fidoten, senior vice president and director of print accounts at Initiative, a media buying firm." (Initiative, of course, is CBS's agency, if there was any doubt.)

    So as advertisers gather their recessionary pennies together for the "attractive" new ads, the Times might consider some other money-making ventures:

    -Maureen Dowd dating reality show.

    -Charge people to climb up that oh-so-tempting facade.

    -Like a sports complex sell war-torn country sponsorship (i.e. the paper of record can now refer to Pac-Bell Iraq)