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Designer Babies: Poll Reveals the Perfect Child

You heard about the fertility doc planning to let patients choose their baby's skin, hair, and eye color. So what would most parents pick? An online poll reveals results



    Designer Babies: Poll Reveals the Perfect Child
    If you could choose your baby's skin color, gender, and other attributes, what would it look like?

    By now, you've likely heard that egg-n-sperm bigwig Dr. Jeff Steinberg plans to deliver (ha) designer babies by the summer -- namely, kids with the skin, hair and eye color of your choice. Kind of like a Build-a-Bear Workshop for the future of humanity.

    In response, concocted this Dr. Jeff Steinberg Genetically Engineered Baby Color Poll to explore the question on everyone's minds: If you could choose these traits for your baby -- plus gender -- which way would you go?

    Early results show a definite bias toward males (53 percent) over females; a tie between blue and brown eyes (22 percent each); and a preference for straight over curly hair (53 to 47 percent). Interestingly, at this writing, respondents picked an olive-skinned baby (39 percent) over white or brown skin (28 percent), whereas just 6 percent said they'd pick black as their baby's skin color of choice.

    Which prompts a question: Can you order up a baby with black skin, blue eyes and red hair? Or is there a genetic "no substitutions" policy, like with the McDonald's Value Meals?