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Attention Cheese Lovers: Read With Caution



    Attention Cheese Lovers: Read With Caution
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    Hey, who moved my cheese?

    We've heard of hot dog eating contests, watermelon eating contests, and even lobster-eating contests, but the bar has been raised yet again.

    If you or a friend of yours dare, enter the “Stink-Fest ‘09” cheese-eating contest today. Only 30 contestants are allowed, so eat fast but sign up faster.

    Taking place at 2 p.m. Sunday, June 28, at the Smith Street Fair, this is an event worth smelling.

    What does it take to be the Stink-Fest Cheese Champion? Last year, Will “The Champ" Millender chomped down 14.9 ounces of cheese in less than two minutes -- a tough record to melt.

    A contest like this is priceless, which is exactly why there is NO money prize. Other than a stomachache, the only things you will score are your rights to boast, and a gift basket full of goodies when the pain is finally over.

    Interested participants should contact (718) 522-7425.

    Be there, or be a wedge of Jarlsberg.