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Brooklyn: Attack of the Frenchies!

French colonize Carroll Gardens, "eat a lot of cheese"



    Brooklyn: Attack of the Frenchies!
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    Once-Italian Carroll Gardens is teeming with French people, the Daily News reports.

    Just like Vietnam and Algeria before it, Brooklyn is being invaded by the French.

    City officials estimate that about 20,000 French people live in Brooklyn -- more than Manhattan. And according to a Daily News article, the traditionally Italian Carroll Gardens "is quickly becoming the city's Little Paris," apparently due in part to a French program at Public School 58.

    The gallic onslaught's being felt at local businesses like Caputo's Fine Foods, whose owners have seen a sharp uptick in proper cheese name pronunciation among their customers. "They do eat a lot of cheese," Frank Caputo told the News. In response, Video Free Brooklyn has expanded its comedy offerings to include a special Jerry Lewis section. (Unconfirmed at press time, or possibly we just made this up.)