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Getting Laid Off Lets You Do Stuff

But are survey participants telling the truth?



    Getting Laid Off Lets You Do Stuff
    Getting laid off lets you spend more time with Uncle Lager and Aunt Natty.

    It's never fun being laid off, but those who have been say they're making the most of it.

    A recent CareerBuilder survey showed that 22 percent of workers who have been laid off said they were spending more time with family and friends while looking for work. Aww, that's nice.

    Fifteen percent said they're fixing up their homes, 14 percent said they're exercising more, 7 percent are going back to school and 4 percent are starting their own business.

    That makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But for those who have been in this situation before, there's some skepticism about this list.  Working out more? Enjoying time with family?  When you're down on your luck, that's often replaced by cheap whiskey and, well, more cheap whiskey.

    So what are those surveyed really doing? If we had to guess...

    • 20 percent are mastering Twitter
    • 19 percent are already bored with Twitter
    • 16 percent are searching for a big bag of money in their backyard
    • 15 percent have built a profitable city in Sim City 4
    • 3 percent drank their Uncle Walter under the table
    • 2 percent regretted drinking their Uncle Walter under the table

    So there you go. CareerBuilder might want to put some shine on the unemployed's shinola, but the truth is out there.

    Buck up, our jobless brethren. Here's hoping this economic downturn turns around soon and everyone can get back to working instead of being forced to hang out with Uncle Walter.