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Trend Alert: Attack of the Christian Hipsters



    Trend Alert: Attack of the Christian Hipsters
    Christian hipsters like skateboarding, worshipping with candles and smoking lots of things.

    According to Brett McCracken, who maintains a blog called The Search, there's a new trend we didn't even know about. (We hate being the last to know!)

    The trend: Christian Hipsters.

    This new breed of 20-something blends everything that you love about hipsters and Christians.

    In case you want to know more, McCracken is even writing a book about the curious phenom. In it he maps out the topography of  "cool Christianity" and runs down a handy list of Christian Hipster "Likes and Dislikes," and offers up an excerpt in this blog post.

    So how can you spot a Christian Hipster -- or tell if you're one?

    Here's a sampling of Christian Hipster Dislikes:

    Megachurches; Pat Robertson and/or Jerry Falwell; Braveheart, The Passion, and Mel Gibson in general; The PAX Network; "Christian films (except ironically)"; Evangelism involving "sock puppets, ventriloquism, mimes"

    …and their Likes:

    Skateboarding; "Worshipping with candles"; The Pope; "Smoking a lot of different things"; Chuck Klosterman and/or David Sedaris; Piercings; Carrying flasks; Lent