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  • global entry program Feb 14

    Cuomo, Trump Have ‘Productive’ Meeting Over Deal to Restore Travelers Program

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo hoped to persuade President Donald Trump to reverse a decision to boot New Yorkers from programs that allow travelers to avoid long lines at U.S. at the border. The Democratic governor and Republican president met Thursday to discuss their dispute over New York’s new “Green Light” law, which lets unauthorized immigrants obtain state driver’s...

  • New York Feb 13

    Gov. Cuomo and Trump Meet About Global Entry

    The president and governor met to discuss the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to ban New York from enrolling in the Trusted Traveler programs like Global Entry, a move the administration says was done because the state refuses to hand over information from its DMV database. NBC New York’s Andrew Siff reports.

  • politics Feb 13

    Cuomo to Meet Trump to Discuss Global Entry Program

    NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo will meet with President Donald Trump on Thursday to discuss the impasse over New Yorkers’ access to the Global Entry program for travelers, and indicated New York will give federal officials access to a key database to restore access to the program. Katherine Creag reports.

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