• Indiana Jan 15

    Man Who is Indiana’s Oldest State Employee Retiring at 102

    A 102-year-old man who is Indiana’s oldest state employee is retiring after nearly six decades on the job, saying that “your body tells you when it’s time to go.” Bob Vollmer plans to report to work for the last time Feb. 6 as a surveyor for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The southern Indiana man, whose mother lived...

  • Puerto Rico Jan 16

    Puerto Rico Retirees Could Face 8.5% Cut to Pensions, in Latest Blow for Island

    Retired government workers in Puerto Rico are bracing for a possible cut to their monthly checks even as the already financially strained island faces one of its most difficult moments with recent earthquakes. For Myra Rivera, a 69-year-old former teacher and translator, any reduction to her pension is unfair.  “That’s robbing,” she says.  In the last three years, Puerto...

  • retirement Dec 31, 2019

    Why Retiring at 65 Could Become a Thing of the Past

    Raising the retirement age is an emotional issue. For evidence, just look at proposals to move up the full retirement age for Social Security. Even the idea upsets advocates who want to see the program expanded and individuals receiving benefits. Because of that, lawmakers tend to tiptoe around the issue. Outside the U.S., French citizens have taken to the...

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