• Recycling Jun 29

    How Much Do We Really Know About Recycling?

    Only 8.4% of discarded plastic actually goes through the full recycling process to be transformed into other products. The rest ends up in landfills. So how are so many companies still touting their plastic products as recyclable? The New York Times explains.

  • New York City Mar 18

    In New York, Making a Life Out of Bottles and Cans

    When the Brooklyn clothing factory where she worked closed its doors, Josefa Marín started picking up cans and bottles from trash cans to make ends meet. A decade later, the 50-year-old Mexican immigrant is handed hundreds of recyclables by bars and clubs and by concierges of private buildings, who know her so well that they even give her the...

  • Recycling Jan 4

    How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree in New York City

    At parks across the five boroughs, chipping machines are turning Christmas trees into mulch. The city’s annual MulchFest event will be held on Jan 4. and 11, allowing New Yorkers to bring their trees to a designated chipping location and bring the mulch from their tree back home. You can drop off your holiday trees at one of dozens of…

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