• Coronavirus Dec 3, 2020

    Public Transit in Cities Not Huge Contributor in Spread of Respiratory Diseases: Study

    A recent NYU study found no evidence of city-level transit ridership and the high spread of contagious respiratory diseases. Looking into influenza and pneumonia death rates, as well as transit use, a team of New York University researchers found that local rates of national public transportation ridership in 121 cities are not significantly associated with the prevalence of viral respiratory…

  • Coronavirus Nov 18, 2020

    MTA Mask Force Looks to Step Up Compliance

    With daily COVID-19 positivity rates rising in New York City, the MTA Mask Force is looking to step up compliance, distributing masks to commuters and encouraging all riders to continue to wear them. News Four’s Andrew Siff has the latest of the efforts being taken by the MTA to achieve 100% mask compliance

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