• Coronavirus Apr 4, 2020

    Helping Seniors Stay Connected

    The Coronavirus may be keeping tons of people inside, but companies are still finding a way to keep people connected. Erica Byfield reports.

  • CEO Aug 8, 2019

    After Mocking Apple, Samsung Removes Headphone Jack From New Phones

    Samsung used to use headphone jacks on its smartphones as a marketing tool against Apple. But Wednesday, Samsung reversed course. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ Wednesday. Neither phone has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, a first for the Galaxy Note family which has traditionally tried to distinguish itself from Apple’s iPhones with features Apple doesn’t...

  • Netflix Mar 26, 2019

    The Good, Bad and the Unknown of Apple's New Services

    It took a while, but finally — and with the carefully curated help of Oprah, Big Bird and Goldman Sachs — Apple has at last unveiled a new streaming TV service, its own branded credit card and a news subscription product. The moves have been largely expected and so far don’t appear to drastically alter the competitive landscape the way...

  • California Mar 26, 2019

    Apple Announces Its Long-Awaited Streaming TV Service

    Apple announced a new streaming service, Apple TV Plus, which will house its original shows and movies and could compete with Netflix, Amazon and cable TV itself.

  • New York Jan 10, 2019

    Queens Family Gets Huge Surprise From Ellen DeGeneres

    A Queens family got a huge surprise when “The Ellen Show” showed up at their front door this week in a heartwarming moment that was broadcast nationwide Wednesday.

  • Congress Dec 19, 2018

    Consumer Groups Allege Google Misleads Kids in FTC Complaint

    Nearly two dozen consumer, privacy and public health groups are urging U.S. regulators to investigate whether children are being endangered by deceptive apps in Google’s app store for smartphones running on its Android software. The 102-page complaint filed Wednesday with the Federal Trade Commission alleges Google’s Play store is harming kids by allowing apps that break privacy laws, contain adult...

  • New York Oct 31, 2018

    Apple Unveils New iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini Desktop Computer

    Apple’s new iPads will more closely resemble its latest iPhones as they ditch a home button and fingerprint sensor to make more room for the screen. As with the latest iPhone models — the XR and XS —the new iPad Pro will use facial-recognition technology to unlock the device and to authorize app and Apple Pay purchases. Apple also unveiled...

  • iPhone Oct 3, 2018

    The iPhone Gets New Emoji, Including Kangaroo, Skateboard and Lobster

    Apple on Tuesday revealed some of the more than 70 new emoji that will be available in iOS 12.1 and software updates for the Mac and Apple Watch.

  • Facebook Sep 18, 2018

    Apple, Google Roll Out New Screen Time Controls for Adults and Kids

    Apple and Google want to help you spend less time on your phone — really. Like that time you checked Facebook at 3 a.m. Stats don’t lie. Their new tools for managing screen time will let you see how often you picked up the phone after bedtime or how long you’re on Instagram at work (shame on you). Apple’s tools...

  • NBC Aug 8, 2018

    Back-to-School Supplies Get Revamp, From Scents to Llamas

    The microwave ate my homework? Reusable notebooks where writing disappears with heat are among the basic school supplies raising their game against gadgets like iPads. Also hot in the paper aisle this year: Decorative tape, creative journals and scented pencils in smells like bacon and pickle. “There’s an explosion of innovation and fun” in school supplies, said Scott Bayles, vice...

  • Facebook Jun 5, 2018

    New iOS 12 Features Include Ways to Help Curb iPhone Use

    Apple will offer more ways for people to limit the time they spend on iPhones while introducing features designed to make its products even more indispensable. The paradox emerged Monday as Apple executives previewed new versions of free software due out this fall. The forthcoming controls are aimed at addressing criticism that devices are becoming increasingly addictive and distracting, especially...

  • United States Apr 4, 2018

    Spring Valley Firefighters Get New Equipment After I-Team Report

    Call it the “Million Dollar Fix.” Firefighters at the Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Department in Rockland County have just received a special delivery: a brand new firetruck and other critical equipment, including new turnout gear and radios for the 70 members after an I-Team investigation into the state of the department’s equipment. For years, firefighters had been saddled with outdated…

  • iPhone Mar 29, 2018

    New iPhone Update Released Will Allow Users to Control iPhone Battery Settings

    Apple just released the iOS 11.3 update for iPhones and iPads on Thursday which features a setting that will allow users to control battery usage along with other new additions, CNBC reported. Earlier this year, reports revealed Apple was purposefully slowing down iPhones to preserve battery life. To remedy the issue Apple will now have a feature that will show...

  • California Mar 28, 2018

    Apple Unveils New iPad, Education Products at Chicago School Event

    Apple made a major announcement Tuesday at one of Chicago’s largest high schools, unveiling new tools and programs as the tech giant furthers itself in the educational field.

  • United States Jan 5, 2018

    Apple: All Macs, iPhones, iPads Affected by Processor Security Flaws

    Apple announced Thursday that all of its iPhones, iPads and Mac computers are affected by the Spectre and Meltdown processor security flaws, but it said there are no known incidents of customers being impacted, NBC News reported. The company said in a statement alerting its customers of the vulnerabilities that it already issued a patch to protect against Meltdown and...

  • CEO Sep 25, 2017

    Target to Boost Its Minimum Wage to $15 by 2020's End

    Target Corp. is raising its minimum hourly wage for its workers to $11 starting next month and then to $15 by the end of 2020 in a move it says will help it better recruit and retain top-quality staff and provide a better shopping experience for its customers. The initiative, announced Monday, is part of the discounter’s overall strategy to...

  • CEO Sep 8, 2017

    Apple Embarks on Emmy Quest With Big Bet on Video Streaming

    Television is one of the few screens that has Apple hasn’t conquered, but that may soon change. The world’s richest company appears ready to aim for its own Emmy-worthy programming along the lines of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and Netflix’s “Stranger Things.”

  • Donald Trump Sep 3, 2017

    Frustration Mounts Over Premiums for Individual Health Plans

    Millions of people who buy individual health insurance policies and get no financial help from the Affordable Care Act are bracing for another year of double-digit premium increases, and their frustration is boiling over. Some are expecting premiums for 2018 to rival a mortgage payment.

  • iPhone Aug 23, 2017

    Up From the Ashes: Samsung Unveils Successor to Note 7 Phone

    Samsung is trying to move past last year’s disastrous Galaxy Note 7 launch with a successor sporting a dual-lens camera, animated messages, expanded note-taking — and lower battery capacity....
    The South Korean tech giant is no longer trying to squeeze more battery power into each phone. Last year’s Note 7 had to be recalled after dozens spontaneously caught fire because of...

  • Connecticut Aug 23, 2017

    Samsung Unveils New Galaxy Note 8, Successor to Recalled Note 7

    Samsung announced its newest smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8, on Aug. 23. The new phone is the successor to the Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled when dozens caught fire because of a battery problem.

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