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  • King Oct 29, 2019

    How Do You Save Endangered Gorillas? With Lots of Human Help

    Alarmed by rising rates of poaching and deforestation in central Africa, famed American primatologist Dian Fossey, once predicted mountain gorillas could go extinct by 2000. Instead, a concerted and sustained conservation campaign has averted the worst and given a second chance to these great apes, which share about 98% of human DNA. Last fall, the Switzerland-based International Union for Conservation...

  • Joe Michalitsianos Feb 21, 2019

    Tortoise Feared Extinct Found on Remote Galapagos Island

    A living member of species of tortoise not seen in more than 110 years and feared to be extinct has been found in a remote part of the Galapagos island of Fernandina. An adult female Chelonoidis phantasticus, also known as the Fernandina Giant Tortoise, was spotted Sunday by a joint expedition of the Galapagos National Park and the U.S.-based Galapagos...

  • Florida Nov 25, 2018

    Endangered White Rhino at Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville

    An endangered white rhino named Bebop is the newest member of the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, and zookeepers hope he gets along with his new female neighbors.

  • United States Nov 14, 2018

    Mountain Gorilla Population in Africa Slowly Rebounding After Facing Near-Extinction

    There are more gorillas in the mist — a rare conservation success story, scientists say. After facing near-extinction, mountain gorillas are slowly rebounding. On Wednesday, the Switzerland-based International Union for Conservation of Nature updated mountain gorillas’ status from “critically endangered” to “endangered,” a more promising, if still precarious, designation. There are now just over 1,000 of the animals in the...

  • SAN DIEGO Mar 19, 2018

    125-Pound Baby Rhino Born at Safari Park

    Justin, a nine-day-old southern white rhino at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, isn’t afraid of much – as long as his mom is nearby. The 125-pound rhino recently went toe-to-toe (hoof-to-hoof?) with a cape buffalo while mom watched from a safe distance, but mostly the newborn likes to check out his new surroundings and nap (a lot).

  • New Jersey Jan 16, 2018

    World's Largest Sea Turtle Could Come Off ‘Endangered' List

    Federal ocean managers say it might be time to move the East Coast population of the world’s largest turtle from the United States’ list of endangered animals. An arm of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has received a petition from a fishing group asking that the Northwest Atlantic Ocean’s leatherback sea turtles be listed as “threatened,” but not endangered,...

  • Associated Press Dec 21, 2017

    Snowy Owl Migration Gives Scientists Chance to Study Them

    Scott Judd trained his camera lens on the white dot in the distance. As he moved up the Lake Michigan shoreline, the speck on a breakwater came into view and took his breath away: it was a snowy owl, thousands of miles from its Arctic home. “It was an amazing sight,” said Judd, a Chicago IT consultant. “It’s almost like...

  • head Sep 14, 2017

    Long-Endangered Snow Leopard Upgraded to ‘Vulnerable' Status

    The elusive snow leopard — long considered an endangered species — has been upgraded to “vulnerable,” international conservationists said Thursday. But experts warned the new classification does not mean they are safe. The animals still face serious challenges including poaching and loss of prey in their high Himalayan habitat. “The species still faces ‘a high risk of extinction in the...

  • California Jul 10, 2017

    Meet the Vaquita, the Endangered Sea Mammal With 30 Members Left

    With fewer than 30 left in the world, vaquitas could be the latest sea mammal to become extinct, according to a study by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

  • Mexico Mar 19, 2017

    Vaquita Newborn Found Dead Off Baja California: Sea Shepherd

    A calf from a critically endangered species of porpoise was found dead in the waters off Baja California, according to Sea Shepherd, the organization known for battling illegal fishing and poaching in the oceans.

  • The Associated Press Sep 8, 2016

    Giant Panda Is No Longer Endangered, Experts Say

    A leading international group has taken the giant panda off its endangered list thanks to decades of conservation efforts, but China’s government discounted the move on Monday, saying it did not view the status of the country’s beloved symbol as any less serious. The International Union for Conservation of Nature said in a report released Sunday that the panda is...

  • New York Feb 17, 2016

    Scientists: Puffins Might Spend Winter Off of New Jersey

    Researchers say they’ve found an answer to the longstanding question of where Maine’s Atlantic puffins spend the winter: far off New Jersey and New York.

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