• holidays Dec 23, 2019

    Delivery Dilemma: Americans Ordering More, But US Can Only Handle So Much

    There’s only so many boxes that can be delivered in a day. Warehouse space is nearly full, with vacancy near an all-time low. Streets are crammed with delivery vans blocking traffic. City curbs are increasingly a turf war between delivery drivers and everyone else. Even grocery store aisles can feel crowded — at least, when staff for delivery services are…

  • Queens Dec 20, 2019

    Sewage Backup That Flooded NYC Homes Traced to Pipe Collapse

    A pipe failure — not cooking grease — caused a Thanksgiving weekend sewer backup that poured filth into more than 100 homes in Queens, The New York Times reported Thursday. After the Nov. 30 mess, city Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Vincent Sapienza told reporters that officials were “under the assumption” that a grease blockage was to blame. But the Times said it...

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