• DOT Jan 4

    Software Glitch Causes Parking Meters Across NYC to Not Accept Credit Cards

    A software glitch is the reason why some parking their cars in New York City have been seeing an unwanted message when attempting to pay the meter: “Card not allowed.” The problem? The city’s 14,000 Muni Meter machines run on a computer software system that had an unfortunate glitch — sort of a Y2K-plus-20 type of problem. According to Parkeon,…

  • New York City Jan 4

    Strange NYC Parking Meter Computer Glitch

    Call it Y2K20: Due to a software issue, 14,000 parking meters across NYC are not accepting card payments beyond January 1, 2020. But the city’s finance department said that drivers will still have to pay for any tickets received during the time the system is down. NBC New York’s Andrew Siff reports.

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