• Joe Michalitsianos September 6, 2018 7:54 pm

    Oscars Delays Plan for Popular Film Award at 2019 Ceremony

    The organization that bestows the Academy Awards says it is suspending plans to award a new Oscar for popular films at the 2019 ceremony amid widespread backlash to the idea....
    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says it will further study plans for the category. It wrote in a statement that it recognized that implementing a new award three...

  • Eric Hinton August 9, 2018 2:06 pm

    Backlash Follows Addition of Popular Film Oscar Category

    Big changes are coming to the Academy Awards, including the addition of a popular film award category and the promise of a shorter ceremony in an effort to combat declining viewership and criticisms that the awards are out of touch with the mainstream. But the Wednesday morning announcement was also met with immediate backlash online, raising questions about what the...

  • director March 19, 2018 9:42 pm

    Mostly Male Oscar Nominees Reflect Dearth of Women in Film

    Academy Awards voters made history this year when they nominated Rachel Morrison for the cinematography Oscar — the first woman so recognized in the organization’s 90 years. Greta Gerwig is also up for best director, only the fifth woman nominated in Oscar history. Yet in nearly every Oscar category, nominees are overwhelmingly male. Three of the 24 awards have no...

  • social media January 22, 2018 6:16 pm

    New Rules to Prevent Oscars Envelope Gaffe

    After taking responsibility for the epic best picture flub at the Oscars last year, Tim Ryan of PwC got down to business. He grilled the partners who made the gaffe, then personally reached out to the dozens of people affected by it: The show’s producers, presenters and stage managers, as well as the filmmakers behind “La La Land” and...

  • Eric Hinton December 7, 2017 4:06 pm

    Oscars Org Adopts Code of Conduct After Weinstein Expulsion

    The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science announced Wednesday that it has adopted its first code of conduct for its 8,427 members.

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