• United Kingdom Jul 15, 2020

    Buckingham Palace: Queen's New Outfits Won't Use Real Fur

    The palace said Wednesday the decision does not mean the queen will dispose of all the fur outfits she already has. The palace statement says “the queen will continue to re-wear existing outfits in her wardrobe.”

  • Danielle Abreu Feb 25, 2020

    'Matchmaker' for Pups Who Can't Find Homes Has Perfect Record

    For the last 11 years, Jerry Kroll has specialized in finding homes for the dogs few people want to adopt: the shy ones, the seniors with silver fur, the three-legged hopefuls on the rebound. The longtime volunteer for the SPCA of Wake County looks for dogs who can’t promote themselves — the hounds with chewed-off ears, the mutts that don’t...

  • Facebook Feb 25, 2020

    Cardinals Face Custody Battle With St. Louis Rescue Group Over ‘Rally Cat'

    A custody battle is brewing in St. Louis over the now-famous cat that darted across the field during a Cardinals game against Kansas City. The feral feline who interrupted the Aug. 9 game while the bases were loaded, won the hearts of Cardinal fans when catcher Yadier Molina hit a home run on the next pitch after the delay, helping...

  • officer Feb 25, 2020

    'AAA for Horses': When NYPD Horses Lose Shoes, the Blacksmith Comes to Them

    When one of the New York Police Department’s horses loses a metal shoe, or they just wear out on the gritty city streets, a blacksmith shop on wheels rushes to the rescue, equipped with a 2,850-degree furnace and trained farriers who can make the fix on the spot. It’s like AAA for horses.

  • Mayor Feb 25, 2020

    He Was Purrfect: Honorary Cat Mayor in Alaska Town Dies

    Stubbs, the honorary feline mayor of the Alaska town of Talkeetna, has died at the age of 20. The animal’s owners announced the cat’s death late Saturday in a statement.

  • Danielle Abreu Feb 24, 2020

    You're Kitten Me? Cat's Shocking Reaction to Pregnancy Goes Viral

    A cat’s hilarious reaction to news that she’s expecting kittens has gone viral. Ulla, a 1-year-old tabby, was turned in to a shelter in Greenland after she was found on the street. Shelter board member Tone Frank told “Today” that after a few weeks the staff noticed Ulla was getting a “little chubby,” so they took her to the vet...

  • Sheriff Feb 24, 2020

    Spray Foam-Encased Kitten Rescued By Oregon Garbage Worker

    A kitten that was found encased in hardened spray foam is expected to make a full recovery after being rescued from a garbage can by an Oregon sanitation worker, authorities said Thursday. The sanitation worker was using a hydraulic arm to empty a trash can near Hillsboro, Oregon, but the can wouldn’t empty, said Washington County sheriff’s Deputy Brian van...

  • New York Feb 24, 2020

    NY Firefighters Adopt Puppy Rescued From Burning Apartment

    A puppy who was rescued from a burning apartment in New York is now being adopted by the firefighters who saved his life. When Newburgh firefighters responded to the blaze on August 3, they heard reports that two puppies were missing, People Pets reported. Firefighter Chris Baum found one of the dogs and brought it outside to give the pooch...

  • The Associated Press Feb 20, 2020

    Pets Rescued After Greece's Devastating Fire Find New Homes

    The kitten lay on the ground so perfectly still that passing volunteer rescuers had initially written her off as just another of the many victims — human and animal — of this week’s ferocious wildfires near Athens. But then came a hint of life — the frail feline began crying out and slowly moving her tiny body, singed by heat...

  • Ohio Feb 20, 2020

    Sit. Study. Fetch a Bachelor's Degree in Dog Training

    Luna the springer spaniel is learning to sniff out a troublesome golf course fungus in return for a tennis ball while helping her handler fetch a new breed of bachelor’s degree. The four-year program in “canine training and management” officially launches this fall at the State University of New York at Cobleskill amid a surge in demand for specially trained...

  • officer Feb 20, 2020

    Therapy Dogs Bring Smiles to Somber Courthouse Proceedings in Maryland

    All kinds walk through the security checkpoints at the Frederick County Courthouse on any given day, but few manage to turn heads like Giuseppe, Welton, Zeke and Zoey. “We’re just the handlers. They call us ‘the dopes on the ends of the ropes,'” said Francina Baldi with a smile as she led Giuseppe, a 3-year-old mini goldendoodle, toward the stairwell...

  • NBC Feb 20, 2020

    ‘I Fell in Love Right Away': Pets Find Forever Homes During Clear the Shelters

    Clear the Shelters, the fifth annual pet adoption drive sponsored by NBC and Telemundo stations, culminated Saturday with more than 2,000 shelters participating in dozens of communities across the country. Animals lovers nationwide lined up early for a chance to find the purrfect pet to take home. Shelters in Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, Missouri, New York and...

  • NBC Feb 20, 2020

    Kelly Clarkson to Host Clear the Shelters TV Special

    Grammy award-winning artist Kelly Clarkson will host this year’s Clear the Shelters special, a 30-minute show recapping the NBC and Telemundo stations annual pet adoption drive. The program will air on NBC stations beginning Aug. 23 (check local listings).

  • CEO Feb 20, 2020

    Dog Who Lived Under a Bed for 2 Years Gets ‘Cinderella' Makeover

    A neglected dog has made a stunning recovery after being brought to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Richmond, Virginia, this past April, TODAY.com reported. The dog, whom the SPCA renamed Lionheart, was surrendered by his owner — and it was immediately clear he needed care. “We realized what a terrible case of neglect it was,”...

  • NBC Feb 20, 2020

    NBC, Telemundo Stations Team Up With Michelson Found Animals for ‘Fund the Shelters Challenge'

    To celebrate the five-year anniversary of the Clear the Shelters, NBC and Telemundo stations are teaming up with the Michelson Found Animals Foundation, a leading animal welfare non-profit organization, to present the first-ever Fund the Shelters Challenge. Every year, thousands of animal shelters and rescues partner with their local NBC- and Telemundo-owned television stations to offer low or waived adoption...

  • Arizona Dec 6, 2019

    Apple Releases Fix for the FaceTime Eavesdropping Exploit

    Apple just released iOS 12.1.4 which includes a fix for a group FaceTime bug that let people eavesdrop on conversations even if they never answered a call. The bug went viral last week after a 14-year old discovered that, while group FaceTiming with friends on his iPhone, he was able to hear someone who hadn’t picked up when he called....

  • London Nov 30, 2019

    UK Police: Bridge Attacker Had Been Jailed for Terror Crimes

    A man imprisoned six years for terrorism offenses before his release last year stabbed several people in London on Friday, two fatally, before being tackled by members of the public and then fatally shot by officers on London Bridge. Neil Basu, London’s police counterterrorism head, said 28-year-old Usman Khan was attending a program that works to educate prisoners when he...

  • Europe Nov 30, 2019

    Global Climate Protests Ahead of UN Meeting in Madrid

    Protesters in cities across the world staged rallies Friday demanding leaders take tougher action against climate change, days before the latest global conference, which this year takes place in Madrid. The rallies kicked off in Australia, where people affected by recent devastating wildfires joined young environmentalists protesting against the government’s pro-coal stance. Janet Reynolds said she had come to the...

  • New York Nov 29, 2019

    For the Last 23 Years, Rod Stewart's Been Quietly Building a Model Train City

    Rod Stewart, known for decades as a consummate crooner, rocker, fashion plate and tongue-in-cheek sex symbol, is adding a new element to his image: serious model railroad builder. The former front man of the Faces who has hits dating back to the 1960s has put the finishing touch on a 23-year project that has landed him on the cover of...

  • Associated Press Nov 27, 2019

    One-Two Punch of Storms Threatens US Thanksgiving Travel

    Heavy snow and wind shut down highways Tuesday in Colorado and Wyoming, closed schools in Nebraska and forced more than 1,000 travelers to sleep overnight in Denver’s airport after hundreds of flights were canceled just as Thanksgiving travel moved into high gear. The storm was heading to South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, while a “bomb cyclone” weather phenomenon...

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