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  • United States Jan 10, 2018

    How Amazon's Bezos Went From the Son of a Teen Mom to Building a $105B Fortune

    Jeff Bezos’ wealth reportedly hit $105.1 billion this week, making him the richest man alive among those whose wealth is publicly traceable, CNBC reported. But Bezos hasn’t always been a billionaire. He was born the son of a 16-year-old mom and deadbeat dad, according to CNBC, which charted his path to success in a new profile. Bezos, a straight-A student...

  • NBC Dec 14, 2017

    Why Black Women Voters Stepped Up for Doug Jones

    #BlackWomen trended on Twitter as many hailed African American women for playing a major role in driving Democrat Doug Jones’ projected victory against Roy Moore in deep-red Alabama. NBC News exit polls showed 96 percent of black voters supported Jones, with 98 percent of black women and 93 percent of black men backing him. One of the factors that motivated...

  • United States Nov 17, 2017

    California Group Remaking Tough City, One Park at a Time

    The Iron Triangle in Richmond, California, has historically been one of the poorest neighborhoods in the heart of one of the poorest cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Elm Play Lot a decade ago was a symbol of such urban decline with broken wine bottles littering the asphalt. But 10 years later grass has sprouted, along with a...

  • United States Sep 19, 2017

    T-Mobile, Sprint in Talks About a Merger: Sources

    T-Mobile and Sprint are in active talks about a merger, though negotiators are still weeks away from finalizing a deal to unite the nation’s No. 3 and No. 4 wireless carriers, people close to the situation told CNBC. T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom would emerge as the majority owner in the stock-for-stock merger. Sprint’s parent company is Softbank. The companies declined...

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