• NYPD Nov 21, 2018

    Police Dogs Ready to Bring Special Skill to Protect Crowd at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, NYPD Says

    As thousands of people flock over the holiday for a glimpse of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, NYPD will be on scene to make sure everyone remains safe.

  • Donald Trump Mar 14, 2018


    Britain announced on Wednesday it will expel 23 Russian diplomats, the biggest such expulsion since the Cold War, and break off high-level contacts with the Kremlin over the nerve-agent attack on a former spy and his daughter in an English town.

  • Donald Trump Mar 14, 2018

    Britain Boots 23 Russian Diplomats Over Spy Poisoning

    Relations between Britain and Russia plunged Wednesday to a chilly level not seen since the Cold War as Prime Minister Theresa May expelled 23 diplomats, severed high-level contacts and vowed both open and covert action against Kremlin meddling after the poisoning of a former spy. Russia said it would respond soon to what it called Britain’s “crude” and “hostile” actions.

  • Gregory Katz Mar 14, 2018

    How Can UK Respond to Russia-Linked Spy Attack?

    Boycotting soccer’s World Cup, seizing oligarchs’ mansions and even invoking NATO’s collective defense clause: British Prime Minister Theresa May has a range of options to retaliate against Russia for the poisoning of an ex-spy on U.K. soil. On Monday, May said it was “highly likely” that the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin was responsible for the poisoning Sergei Skripal,...

  • Gregory Katz Mar 13, 2018

    An English Town Puzzles Over a Spy Who Came in From the Cold

    For Amber McAuley, life in Salisbury — a picturesque cathedral town best known as the gateway to Stonehenge — has become surreal ever since the town became the scene of a spy drama worthy of John le Carre. The 20-year-old film student became a bit player in the story when she went to the Mill pub on March 4, only...

  • Gregory Katz Apr 9, 2018

    ‘Highly Likely' Russia Behind UK Spy Poisoning: British PM

    Russia is “highly likely” to blame for poisoning a former spy and his daughter with a military-grade nerve agent, Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday, demanding that Moscow give a compelling explanation or face “extensive” retaliation. May told lawmakers in a strongly worded statement that without a credible response from Russia by the end of Tuesday, Britain would consider the...

  • police officer Mar 7, 2018

    Russian Ex-Spy, Daughter Poisoned With Nerve Agent, UK Police Say

    A Russian ex-spy and his daughter fighting for their lives in an English hospital were attacked with a nerve agent in a targeted murder attempt, British police said Wednesday. The case has further strained relations between Russia and Britain, which has said it will respond strongly if the Russian government is linked to the attack. It has overtones of a...

  • London Mar 24, 2017

    Utah Man Among Those Killed in London Attack

    A man from Utah on vacation to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary was among those killed in Wednesday’s terrorist attack outside of U.K.’s Parliament in London, the victim’s family said in a statement. Kurt W. Cochran was killed by the attacker, who killed one other person with his car on Westminster Bridge and then stabbed a police officer to death...

  • London Mar 23, 2017

    Police Investigating ‘Horrific Attack' in London: Official

    London police have provided details of the investigation into Wednesday’s deadly attack near the British Parliament. The London Metropolitan Police counterterrorism chief said Thursday morning that authorities believe the attacked acted alone and was “inspired by international terrorism.”

  • London Mar 24, 2017

    As Britain Mourns, More Details Emerge on London Attacker

    Authorities on Friday identified the birth name of the 52-year-old British man who mowed down pedestrians and stabbed a policeman to death outside Parliament, adding he had a long criminal record and once was investigated for extremism — but was not currently on a terrorism watch list. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attack, which police said was...

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