• Afghanistan Mar 27, 2019

    Iraq War Hero's Family Accepts Medal of Honor From Trump

    The son of an Army staff sergeant awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor by President Donald Trump on Wednesday said he wants his father to be remembered as the best parent and best soldier anyone could ever ask for. And that’s exactly how Travis Atkins will be remembered, Trump assured Atkins’ son, Trevor Oliver. “You can’t get better than the...

  • United States Feb 23, 2019

    Nun to Vatican Abuse Summit: ‘This Storm Will Not Pass By'

    A prominent Nigerian nun has blasted the culture of silence in the Catholic Church that has long sought to hide clergy sexual abuse, telling a Vatican summit that transparency and an admission of mistakes is needed to restore trust. In a powerful speech Saturday, Sister Veronica Openibo told Pope Francis’ gathering of the Catholic hierarchy that African and Asian church...

  • director Nov 20, 2018

    Bronx Zoo Euthanizes 48-Year-Old Elephant Named Maxine

    The Bronx Zoo says it has euthanized a 48-year-old Asian elephant that had fallen progressively ill.

  • attorney Sep 16, 2018

    Niece: Family Won't Take in Elizabeth Smart's Kidnapper

    Once an accomplished organ player in Salt Lake City, Wanda Barzee became a disturbing figure for members of her own family after she helped in the 2002 kidnapping of then-teenager Elizabeth Smart. Days before the 72-year-old woman is released from prison, looming fears about whether she remains a threat and calls to keep her off the streets bring up deep-rooted...

  • Associated Press May 13, 2018

    Suicide Bombers Kill at Least 7, Wound 41 in Indonesia Church Attacks

    Coordinated suicide bombings carried out by members of the same family struck three churches in Indonesia’s second-largest city Sunday, police said, as the world’s most populous Muslim nation recoiled in horror at one of its worst attacks since the 2002 Bali bombings. At least seven people died at the churches in Surabaya along with the six family members, the youngest...

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