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Calling Animal Lovers: Send Your Nominees for Clear the Shelters' PAWSitively Good Awards

NBC and Telemundo stations across the country are looking for dedicated animal heroes for the monthly Clear The Shelters: PAWSitively Good Awards.

The Latest

  • PAWSitively Good May 24

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Rebecca Applebaum

    Rebecca Applebaum is the 2023 May PAWSitively Good honoree. Rebecca is a teacher who spends her summer breaks volunteering and has completed over 2,400 hours of service to the ASPCA in New York City, where she has also fostered 16 kittens in her home over the many years she has been a volunteer.

  • May 3

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Angela Santangelo

    Angela Santangelo, from Bideawee in Westhampton, NY, is the April 2023 PAWSitively Good Honoree. She has been volunteering at Bideawee for 10 years and has donated more than 700 hours. She is also a certified trainer and spends times with all the special needs animals.

  • New Jersey Mar 31

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Dale Rizzo

    Dale Rizzo from Father John’s Animal House in New Jersey is the March 2023 PAWSitively Good Honoree. Dale has volunteered for over 10 years, was part of the team that rebuilt Father John’s shelter in 2012, helps the staff plan all their fundraising events and is one of the most dedicated kitten fosters.

  • Feb 17

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Mary Rutlin

    Mary Rutlin fron Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation is the February 2023 PAWSitively Good Honoree. She has been a volunteer for over four years and is always the first to sign up for special events and is often seen in her dog costume. She brings joy to the staff and the animals she cares for at Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation.

  • PAWSitively Good Jan 20

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Patty Millin

    Patty Millin is an extremely dedicated long-time volunteer at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center. Patty spends every Sunday morning, including holidays, at St. Hubert’s cleaning dog kennels. Committed to keeping the dogs at the shelter happy and comfortable and is always willing to pitch in where she’s needed.

  • New York Live Nov 28, 2022

    Clear The Shelters: Muddy Paws Rescue

    The team from Muddy Paws Rescue joins Lauren Scala to share puppies available for adoption and fostering through

  • clear the shelters Jan 20

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Barbara Repetski

    Barbara Repetski is the May PAWSitively Good honoree. Barbara is one of The Sato Project’s longest running, most dedicated volunteers. She has been a core member of our team since 2012 and can often be found helping on Sato’s ‘Freedom Flights’ arrivals. She serves as The Sato Project’s Adoption Coordinator and helps to match the beloved satos to th...
  • PAWSitively Good Feb 14

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Mike Malan

    Mike Malan is the April PAWSitively Good honoree. Mike volunteers with the Pet Animal Welfare Society of Connecticut where he volunteers his time as a dog trainer to help the animals, their new owners as well as the shelter staff. Mike believes animals thrive with socialization and not isolation and has helped countless new pet owners.

  • PAWSitively Good Feb 14

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Alex Kurkjy

    Alex Kurkijy is the March PAWSitively Good honoree. Alex volunteers at the Danbury Animal Welfare Society in Connecticut where he assists with transports across the east coast and has helped to save over 2000 cats and dogs.

  • PAWSitively Good Feb 14

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Debbie Debiasse

    Debbie Debiasse is the February PAWSitively Good honoree. She volunteers with St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ. She’s a weekly transport volunteer and will walk dog at all hours of the day and is always on call to help the animals relax and teach them how to trust people.

  • PAWSitively Good Feb 14

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Marianne Matus

    Marianne Matus is the January PAWSitively Good honoree. She has been a volunteer for almost 30 years at Little Shelter and Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Long Island, NY and has fostered over 1,000 cats and dogs during her time helping at Little Shelter.

  • PAWSitively Good Feb 14

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Kent Waldron

    Kent Waldron is the December PAWSitively Good honoree. A jack of all trades at Father John’s Animal House in Lafayette, NJ. He enjoys working with both dogs and cats in every capacity and helps in the shelter’s different aid transports to save animals.

  • clear the shelters Jan 20

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Bill Spinelli

    Bill Spinelli is the November PAWSitively Good honoree for his volunteer work at the Humane Society of Westchester in New York. Bill is retired from the FDNY, who served the South Bronx for almost 25 years. He is a lifelong animal lover who can be seen in the Westchester area walking dogs seven days a week.

  • PAWSitively Good Feb 14

    PAWSitively Good Honoree: Melissa Morgan

    Melissa Morgan is the October PAWSitively Good honoree for her volunteer work at Bideawee in New York. Melissa loves what she does and as part of her volunteering she crochets blankets for the shelter animals.

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