WNBC community partnerships


100 Hundred Black Men

The mission of One Hundred Black Men of America, Inc. is to improve the quality of life within the community and enhance educational and economic opportunities for all African Americans. The organization seeks to serve as a role model of leadership, in so creating environments where children are motivated to achieve. One Hundred Black Men hosts programs in the areas of mentoring, education, health and wellness, economic development, and leadership. The organization has 116 chapters worldwide.

American Diabetes Association

Funds research to prevent, manage and cure diabetes. This association delivers services to the communities and give voice to those who are denied of their rights because of diabetes.

American Heart Association - Go Red for Women Campaign

Go Red for Women celebrates the energy, passion and power we have as women to come together to wipe out heart disease and stroke.  Millions of women participate across the country wearing the color red (February) to bring awareness to the fight against cardiovascular disease.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross provides aid to victims of natural disaster, offers community services, processing and distribution of blood.

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund is a national organization that protects and promotes the civil rights of Asian Americans. AALDEF focuses on critical issues affecting Asian Americans, including immigrant rights, civic participation and voting rights, economic justice for workers, language access to services, Census policy, affirmative action, youth rights and educational equity, and the elimination of anti-Asian violence, police misconduct, and human trafficking. The organization conducts programs that help and educate the community. Some of the programs offered are: seminars to educate Asian Americans about their rights; free multilingual legal advice clinics for low-income Asian Americans and new immigrants; and legal resources for community-based organizations and facilitates grassroots community organizing efforts, among others.  

Asian Professional Extension (APEX)

Founded in 1992, APEX, seeks to empower youth to be well-rounded, productive members of society by helping them build their self-confidence, explore academic and career goals, develop a sense of community and service, and gain leadership skills. Through one-on one mentoring relationships, educational programs, and social services APEX helps youth overcome the multiple challenges they face, enabling them to cultivate valuable and meaningful relationships.

Asian Women in Business

Asian Women In Business (AWIB) is the only non-profit, tax-exempt organization in the country with the primary mission of assisting Asian women entrepreneurs. AWIB expanded its mission to address identified needs and issues affecting the business and professional development of Asian Americans. AWIB also serves on various tasks forces and boards to promote the inclusion of minority and women owned businesses and professionals.

Aspira of New York

ASPIRA of New York is an Hispanic youth services agency founded in 1961 working to foster the advancement of the Hispanic community by helping Latino youth aspire to improve their lives through educational excellence and to better their communities through enlightened leadership. ASPIRA promotes educational excellence and civic responsibility among Latino youth through school-based leadership development clubs and parent engagement.

Black Agency Executives

Black Agency Executives is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and professional development of its membership, which consists of Black Human Services Executives who promote the interests and values of the Black community. The organization provides training in the areas of strategic planning, board and staff management, budgets, fundraising, legal and environmental changes impacting human service agencies. The Black Agency Executives, also hosts informal luncheons, power breakfast series, seminars and receptions in order to convene Black mangers from other professional spectrums in order to increase information sharing, personal contacts and collaborations between organizations.
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Child Abuse Prevention Program

CAPP's mission is to ensure that all children receive their basic right to safety so that they can have the opportunity to grow and thrive. Teaching children to recognize resist and report physical and sexual abuse helps to keep them safe and works to end the cycle of abuse. The mission of the Child Abuse Prevention Program is carried out by a series of projects and workshops such as: Child Safety Workshop; The Children’s Clothes Closet Project; and a Professional Training program for school guidance counselors and social workers.

City Harvest

City Harvest exists to end hunger in communities throughout New York City. We do this through food rescue and distribution, education, and other practical, innovative solutions. Millions of pounds of good, edible food are thrown away each year by New York City food businesses. At the same time, more than one million people are hungry, including nearly 350,000 children and more than 140,000 senior citizens. City Harvest is the link between those who have so much and those who have too little.

Coalition for Asian American Children and Families

Coalition for Asian American Children and Families is dedicated to improving the health and well being of Asian Pacific American children in New York City. CACF is challenging stereotypes about Asian Pacific Americans, connecting communities and policy makers, and empowering parents to advocate for their children.  CACF is the only children’s advocacy organization for the Asian Pacific American community.

The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc.

The Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc. (CHCF) has been dedicated to improving the quality of life for Latino children and their families.  Believing that the most effective way to serve Latino families is by building upon their existing strengths and fostering self-sufficiency, CHCF provides a number of programs and services to the community in the areas of Youth Development, Early Care and Education, and Family Health Education.  Grounded in its direct services, CHCF is active on the local, state and national policy arena around issues of child welfare and the well-being of Latino children.


Comunilife was originally incorporated as Health Industry Resources Enterprises (H.I.R.E.), Inc. in 1989 by its founders, Doctor Rosa M. Gil, its current President, and Mr. Alfredo Arango, retired Executive Director. With each passing year, Comunilife reaffirms its steadfast commitment to enhance the quality of life and create a healthier tomorrow for the underserved children, adolescents, adults, and families living with special needs in New York City. The agency provides quality, culturally-competent, community-based services and supports by a committed, professional staff uniquely qualified to communicate with program participants in their language and cultural context. This mission constitutes the governing principle that guides the design and implementation of Comunilife’s programs.

Educational Alliance

The Educational Alliance is a non-profit organization that changes lives. Founded in 1889 to help Jewish immigrants get settled in the U.S., today we serve a broad and diverse group of downtown New Yorkers -- of all religions, ethnicities, races and socio-economic backgrounds. The Educational Alliance currently serves 50,000 New Yorkers annually via 42 programs, including preschools, camps, after school programs, senior centers, health & wellness programs, arts & culture classes, counseling services, and addiction recovery programs. All programs feature intergenerational and cross-cultural activities -- bringing together people from different backgrounds and age groups, so they can learn from and with each other.

Empowering Youth Towards Excellence Inc.

Empowering Youth Towards Excellence improves the lives of youth in underserved communities and facilitate their development into positive, contributing adults by promoting, aiding, supporting and otherwise encouraging academic achievement, including the pursuit of higher education; athletic development and healthy lifestyles; and civic engagement and strong community ties.

Fair Media Council

Fair Media Council is a nonprofit association of businesses and nonprofits concerned about the local news. The council was created to represent the public and their views on how the local media is doing it’s job. Some of FMC’s core goals are: 1. Critique the local news in the greater New York metro region to motivate the media to be responsive and responsible to the communities it serves. 2. Identify particular issues of community concern in need of news coverage to create general awareness and push toward solutions. 3. Educate the public to become media savvy news consumers. New York-based businesses and nonprofits are eligible to be FMC members. A couple of the council’s signature events are: Connection Day, FMC Media Workshop series, and FMC Media Kids among others.

Fair Media Council - Connection Day                                                                                                                   
Connection Day is the largest conference in the region that brings the media together with the public for a day of open dialogue. The purpose is to facilitate news coverage of issues important to the community. The day is filled with over 20 workshops, a Media Exhibit Hall, and keynote speakers rounded throughout the whole day.

Festival For Change

Festival for Change experience spiritual oneness to easily detach from materialistic worries. Try different health and fitness sessions, meditation, energy healing and exercises. Enjoy a casual yet festival atmosphere with like-minded people.

Future and Options

For more than a decade, Futures and Options has empowered New York City's underserved youth to explore careers through career development and paid, mentored internships. We reach out to teens at a formative time of their lives, guiding them to further their education and become contributing citizens.

Harlem RBI

Harlem RBI's mission is to provide inner-city youth with opportunities to "Play, Learn and Grow." We use the power of teams to coach, teach and inspire youth to recognize their potential & realize their dreams.

Harlem School of the Arts

(HSA) has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of young people ages 4-18 through world-class training in the arts. HSA stands unique among community arts institutions in New York City, as the sole provider of arts education in four disciplines: music, dance, theater and visual arts.

The Hebrew Home at Riverdale

The Hebrew Home at Riverdale is an internationally recognized non-profit geriatric service organization that provides older adults of all faiths with exceptional care in conformance with the laws, customs and traditions of the Jewish religion.

Hope Community Inc.

Hope Community was created in 1968 by a group of East Harlem residents who joined together to preserve their block on East 104th Street.  Together they acquired an abandoned tenement building and renovated it, creating eight attractive, affordable apartments. For this modes beginning Hope Community has grown and expanded into one of New York City’s largest and most dynamic community housing organizations.   Hope Community sponsors numerous cultural and artistic projects fostering local economic development and generating a stronger sense of community among East Harlem residents.

The Hope Line

TheHopeLine has grown into a well-funded, highly technological,and strategically operated system of call centers that serve as the rescue arm of the Dawson McAllister Association. 

Institute for the Hispanic Elderly

The Institute for the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Elderly (IPR/HE) is the largest Hispanic nonprofit organization serving the Hispanic and other ethnic/racial minority seniors and their families in New York City. The Institute was founded in 1978 and incorporated in 1979 in the state of New York as a nonprofit organization under IRS Code Section 501 (c)(3).

Jay Fund Foundation

The Jay Foundation assists children with leukemia & other cancers & their families by providing emational & financial support to help reduce the stress associated with treatment & improve their quality of life.

Jazz Mobile

Jazzmobile has played a major role in the renaissance of Jazz. The organization has been involved in providing the impetus for Jazz programs and in particular arts in education. Jazzmobile has influenced the vitality of the music beyond its New York base, serving as a paradigm of similar organizations and institutions across the country and throughout the world.

Korean American Family Service Center

The Korean American Family Service Center is a leading, nonprofit organization that supports and empowers adults, youth and children to lead safe and healthy lives based on dignity, compassion and mutual respect.

Korean Community Services

Korean Community Services is a social service agency targeting the Korean population. KCS provides various professional community service programs in the areas of Community.

La Casa de Don Pedro

La Casa de Don Pedro has been serving the residents and stakeholders of Newark’s North End since 1972. It was founded by new arrivals seeking a means to achieve self-sufficiency and empowerment in a rapidly changing city. Today La Casa is well known as the advocate for the North End neighborhoods and for residents throughout the City, County and State who seek to have viable communities and social justice for all.

The Lamp

The LAMP is a non-profit organization creating a grassroots movement to reform and improve media. This is achieved through free media literacy workshops and public events for youth, parents and educators.

Latino Commission on AIDS

The Latino Commission on AIDS is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Latino community. The Commission is dedicated to resolving the HIV crisis in the Latino community, where social stigma, poverty, language barriers, immigration status fears, and access to care, deter testing and increase the infection rate. The Commission's public health model encompasses five core and complementary services provided to Latino communities: health education, HIV prevention, capacity building, advocacy, and health behavioral research. All services are offered in Spanish by a culturally diverse bilingual staff of health, education and business professionals.

Latin Women in Action

Latin Women in Action, Inc. is a comprehensive community based social service agency, founded and incorporated in 1990 by and for Latina Women. Its mission and goal are to provide essential services to Hispanic women and their families within New York State.


Brooklyn Workforce Innovations empowers low and moderate income people by creating living-wage employment opportunities and access to career paths. BWI helps poor New Yorkers start careers in commercial driving, telecommunication cable installation, TV and film production, and skilled woodworking.

Live Out Loud!

Live Out Loud empowers, energizes, & enables the LGBT youth to live their dreams through the celebration of the richness and diversity of shared experience, & the visibility of the role models.


MASA promotes educational attainment, committed leadership and civic engagement among underserved students living in New York City with a particular focus on those of Mexican descent. MASA provides positive guidance and support for underserved youth and their families.

National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS

The National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (NBLCA) is the oldest and largest not-for-profit organization of its kind in the United States. The NBLCA’s mission is to educate, organize, and empower Black leadership, including clergy, elected officials, medical practitioners, business professionals, social policy experts, and the media to meet the challenge of fighting HIV/AIDS in their local communities. The NBLCA conducts policy, research and advocacy on HIV and AIDS to ensure effective participation of leadership in all policy and resource allocation decisions.

New York Cares

The city's largest volunteer organization, which runs volunteer support to non profit agencies & public schools.

New York City Rescue Mission

NYCRM overnight guests are offered nutritious meals, housing,spiritual guidance, medical/social service support and clean clothing. Our long-term residents are offered career development assistance, financial and job skills training, internet and e-mail access, & GED preparation courses.

New York Association of Black Journalists

The New York Association of Black Journalists is a group of black media professionals organized to the pursuing of common goals. The chapter consists of more than 450 members. The organization provides its members with resources such as fellowships, an online job board, student services, and awards. The local chapter also provides tools for their membership to interact with members outside of their local chapter.

New York City Coalition Against Hunger

The New York City Coalition's original mission is food access for all New Yorkers. The New York City Coalition currently administers ten programs addressing the problem of hunger in New York City. The programs offered are: Emergency Food Action Center; Farm Fresh Initiative; Interfaith Voices Against Hunger, Policy & Development, Communications Initiative, Benefits Access, AmeriCorps*VISTA, AmeriCorps*State, Technolody Project, and Volunteer Matching Center. The Coalition's original mission was to "coordinate the activities of the emergency food providers in the city so that issues can be identified, prioritized and addressed effectively." Though its aims have expanded and evolved over the last two decades - for example, it has strengthened advocacy and legislative efforts and now provides national service participants to emergency food providers - food access for all New Yorkers has always remained the Coalition's animating goal.

New York City Mission Society

The New York City Mission Society was established in 1812 and is one of New York City’s oldest nonprofit human services organization that follows under the core values of dignity, kindness, and respect. This year, the NYC Mission Society is celebrating their 200th Anniversary and provides out-of-school programs, drop-out prevention programs, and mentoring programs for children who attend public schools throughout the boroughs of New York.

New York Press Club

The New York Press Club is a professional organization of members and former members of the news media. It devotes its efforts to meeting the needs and interests of professional journalists and those in related fields, as well as providing public service to the community. Today, its membership includes professionals from all types of news organizations including the Web, television, radio, wire services, daily newspapers, weekly and monthly publications, as well as professionals from the fields of communications, public relations and public affairs. The New York Press Club works to protect the rights of all reporters while providing networking opportunities for journalists and communications specialists to discuss professional issues and affect change.

New York Urban League

For over 80 years, the Urban League of New York has been helping disadvantaged New Yorkers gain access to equal opportunity in employment, education, health care, housing and the civic arena. The organization encourages people to join the NYUL and take advantage of the many opportunities available to improve the quality of their lives and that of their community.

New Yorkers for Children

New Yorkers For Children (NYFC) was founded in 1996 by former Commissioner of the Administration for Children’s Services Nicholas Scoppetta. Over the past thirteen years, donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations have enabled the organization to support the child welfare community as a whole, as well as those programs that focus on the individual needs of young people in foster care. NYFC has developed programs that make a difference in the lives of young people including college scholarships, tutoring programs, job training, and networking opportunities.
Reach Out and Read NYC

The objective of the Reach Out and Read model is to deliver specialized early literacy counseling and support. Reach Out and Read achieves this by taking advantage of the unique access that pediatric primary care providers have to children while they are in their critical years of cognitive and language development – six months through five years old.

Safe Horizon

Safe Horizon has provided victims of domestic violence, child abuse, human trafficking, rape and sexual assault, as well as homeless youth and families of homicide victims, with a wide range of comprehensive support since 1978. Our programs also partner with governmental and other community agencies so we can offer additional assistance, including finding resources for those living outside New York City.

South Asian Youth Action (SAYA)

South Asian Youth Action creates opportunities for South Asian youth to realize their fullest potential.

Sponsors for Educational Opportunities

Sponsors for Educational Opportunities is one of New York City’s first mentoring and college preparatory programs for underserved high school students of color has matured into a dynamic national organization.  Each year they provide a broad range of educational and career development opportunities to hundreds of high school students, college students and young professionals. With more than 6,000 program graduates, SEO alumni are well-represented as leaders in virtually every imaginable profession.  Their alumni are committed to using their success to create opportunities for the next generation.

United Way of New York

United Way of New York City creates, leads and supports strategic initiatives that address the root causes of critical human care problems in order to achieve measurable improvement in the lives of the city's most vulnerable residents and communities. Throughout our work, we partner with neighborhood agencies, government, business, foundations, volunteers and others so that collectively we can achieve more than any one organization working alone.

Urban Arts Partnership

Urban Arts Partnership’s programs are constantly evolving, along with the complex needs of today’s youth and public schools. Their approach to arts education has come about through years of experience and innovation. The organization provides student-centered arts instruction in filmmaking, digital music production, photography, visual arts, theatre, design, dance, and language arts.  Presented in schools, at festivals, during community events, online, and in televised features, our students’ final projects are consistently high quality and have garnered competitive, national awards while giving voice to countless stories from across the city.

Volunteers of America-Greater New York

Volunteers of America is a faith-based human services organization dedicated to helping individuals & families in need create positive and lasting change through social service programs that support & empower them to live safe, healthy and productive lives.

The Violence Intervention Program

The mission of the Violence Intervention Program is to protect and treat all victims of family violence and sexual assult.

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