NYC Start-Up Raises $17M to Be the Next CityMD for Your Pet

Bond Vet is a walk-in animal hospital that first launched in 2019 in Brooklyn, and has seen tremendous growth there and at its other locations, with puppy and kitten visits nearly tripling in the past year

Kait Ebinger | Bond Vet

New York City based veterinarian clinic, Bond Vet, has raised $17 million with plans to expand its urgent care facilities across New York.

Bond Vet is a walk-in animal hospital that first launched in 2019 in Brooklyn. Since the onset of the pandemic, this business pivoted to telemedicine, using CityMD and other emergency care units as inspiration.

With newfound investments, Bond Vet is opening its next chapter in Long Island and hopes to expand its footprint within telehealth and pharmacy delivery.

“The idea of convenience is really important to us and that includes alternatives. If you’re home and you see something with your cat or dog that’s concerning, we want to offer our patients the ability to email pictures or a virtual consultation,” Bond Vet co-founder and CEO Mo Punjani said in a recent interview with NBC New York.

According to Punjani, the clinics have not seen any animal COVID-19 cases, but they do offer specialized tests for pets experiencing virus symptoms.

Bond Vet prides itself as being “significantly cheaper than emergency hospitals,” as well as incorporating in-clinic technologies for a better patient experience. Punjani believes that turning to tech has only accelerated the veterinary industry’s future.

Credit: Kait Ebinger, Bond Vet

“It’s an alternative employment mechanism. We’re also able to reach clients that we might not be able to serve immediately, or they may be far away,” he said. During these stressful times, it maybe easier for your four-legged friend to consult the doctor in the comfort of your home.

At just the Brooklyn location alone, Bond Vet has seen a 70 percent surge in patient visits. With all locations combined, there has been a 150 percent increase. Puppy and kitten visits have nearly tripled in the past year. This business was even able to open two new clinic locations during the pandemic.

While preparing for a possible second wave of adoptions, Punjani explained it has been an overall positive experience and silver lining to COVID-19.

“New pet parents are some of the most well-educated. The foundation is so strong, and it reinforces the trend of pets are being treated as children when it comes to the adoption process,” he described.

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