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World’s Best Sandwich


Prep:10 min


4 slices Tuscan Bread
¼ cup mayonnaise
6 slices tomato
6-8 slices bacon
2 eggs
4 slices butter lettuce
4 slices Monterey jack
salt and pepper

Cook bacon according to your liking in the oven or in a sauté pan on the stove. Remove from pan and transfer to paper towel lined tray to help crisp up and drain off extra grease. Pop your toast in the toaster. Smear one slice with Mayo and the other with 2 slices Monterey jack cheese. Broil the slice with Monterey jack to melt.

Crack egg in sauté pan with a little butter or oil. Cook until whites are opaque and yolk begins to set. Again, cook to your liking. You can also place sauté pan under a broiler to finish cooking. Start assembling your sandwich while the egg is cooking. Start with your mayo slice and add 3 tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Layer with 2 pieces lettuce, bacon, and egg. Top with your Monterey Jack toast and slice sandwich in half. Enjoy right away

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