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Corporate Security ALERT: Suspicious Mail



    Corporate Security ALERT: Suspicious Mail
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    The Army scientist accused of carrying out the 2001 anthrax attacks e-mailed himself last year saying he knew who the killer was, according to court documents.


    What to look for:
    • Handwriting that appears to be distorted
    • Letters or packages from an unknown source (no return address) arriving without specific delivery information (name, department)
    • Postmark different than return address
    • Misspelled names, titles, or addresses
    • Mail marked"Personal", "Private", "Confidential", "Fragile," or "Rush Do Not Delay"
    • Mail with excessive postage or without postage
    • Mail that appears to have been disassembled or regulated
    • Mail with excessive tape or other binding
    • Mail with any unusual badges, wires, stains, or odors
    What to do if you see a suspicious letter or package:
    If you receive or observe mail displaying any of the above characteristics, consider it suspicious and take the following steps:
    1. Do not touch it or pick it up.
    2. Ask individuals in the immediate area if the mail or package belongs to them or if they put it there.
    3. If someone claims and can identify the suspicious item, there is no need to proceed further.
    4. If no one claims or can identify the item and the item has not been touched or opened, contact security and your immediate manager.
    5. If the item has been opened, put the mail down and immediately move away from the item, then contact security and your immediate manager.  Do not pass the item around.