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    Roseanne Colletti
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    Roseanne Colletti

    Roseanne Colletti, Emmy Award winning correspondent and consumer advocate, joined NBC New York in January of 1996.

    She also writes a weekly blog on consumerism for the national online newspaper, The Huffington Post. In addition, Colletti's work has also been a regular feature on CNBC and weekend editions of "Today".

    Previously one of WCBS-TV's veteran correspondents, Colletti was first introduced to the New York audience as a general assignment reporter. In 1986, she launched the station's Troubleshooter unit and her investigative reports on issues of concern to consumers were among WCBS' most popular and highly-profiled special segments. 

    Her role as one of the tri-state area's leading consumer advocates has earned her widespread respect from viewers as well as multiple Emmy Awards. 

    Colletti was graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.