Meth Burritos and Deodorant Ammo: 2 NJ Airports Make TSA's Top Weird Airport Finds

A passenger at Atlantic City International Airport was caught trying to smuggle bullets inside of a deodorant stick, while a passenger tried to bring what looked like and old-timey revolver through security at Newark Liberty International Airport

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Maybe leave the chainsaw at home next time.

Next time you're concerned about possibly going over allowed limit on liquids for your flight, take comfort in knowing that people have tried to get away with bringing far stranger — and more concerning — things on an airplane.

The Transpotation Security Administration released its top 10 catches of 2021, and two New Jersey airports made the list.

At number 10, a passenger at Atlantic City International Airport was caught trying to smuggle bullets inside of a deodorant stick in September. The photo showed a half dozen bullets, which appeared to have been hidden (not very well, apparently) under the deodorant stick.

The TSA called it a "creative attempt to subvert security, but of course an X-ray machine can detect bullets!" The agency also said that the passenger "must have been sweating bullets."

Coming in at number 9 was Newark Liberty International Airport, where a passenger tried to bring a long-barreled revolver with a wooden grip through the security checkpoint in August.

"It was the type of handgun that you might have seen pulled during one of several movie shootouts in 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,' the 'Gunfight at the O.K. Corral' or 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,'" the TSA said in a release.

Guns are not permitted to be carried through security checkpoints, the agency said, even if they are old-timey.

The rest of the list had plenty of head-scratching items on there as well, perhaps none as strange and befuddling as the meth burrito found at Hobby International Airport in Houston. It appeared that the drugs were wrapped inside, along with what seemed to be the standard ingredients for a burrito.

Other items included: a firearm buckle found at Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii; a cleaver at Harrisburg International Airport in Pennsylvania; bear spray at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida; a machete at Reagan Washington International Airport in Virginia; fireworks at Syracuse Hancock International Airport; a wine holder that looked like a revolver at Sacramento International Airport in California; and a chainsaw at New Orleans International Airport.

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