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"Kid Cop" Caught -- Again

Arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle



    "Kid Cop" Caught -- Again
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    Will the kid cop be driving one of these vehicles one day or in the back seat?

    He just can't seem to keep himself out of trouble and out of the news.

    The teen who made headlines in January for posing as a Chicago Police officer for several hours has been charged with possession of a stolen vehicle after he allegedly cut-off a high-ranking member of the Police Department who was on patrol Friday night.

    The 14-year-old spent more than a month in jail for his alleged January caper, which included going out on traffic patrol, and on Friday apparently couldn't keep his hands off a 1990 black Lexus on a South Side car lot.

    Deputy Supt. Daniel Dugan, who heads up the patrol bureau, had just finished a roll call in a South Side neighborhood and was driving out of the area when the teen allegedly cut him off in his hot new ride.  Dugan said he noticed there were no plates on the car and attempted to pull it over.

    As Dugan, in an unmarked car, followed the teen in traffic, he saw him make an erratic turn and hit a light pole, causing it to fall. The teen then allegedly jumped from the car and ran into a crowd.

    Apparently to avoid capture, the teen grabbed a baby stroller from someone and pushed it briefly before walking away from it, a source said. When Dugan caught up to him, the teen made a violent move to avoid him, causing both to fall.

    Dugan was slightly injured, and the teen ran off -- directly into a squad car that was following the foot chase. He was arrested in the 200 block of West 95th Street.

    The boy, who court records show is 15, was in court Monday on a juvenile charge of possession of a stolen motor vehicle, according to Cook County State’s Attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton. He was ordered held by Judge Andrew Berman and is expected back in court May 28, she said.

    The boy was also charged with criminal trespass to a vehicle, a misdemeanor; and cited for driving having never been issued a license, not having insurance, leaving the scene of an accident with vehicle damage and having no registration plates, police News Affairs said.

    Police are not certain whether a child was in the stroller, but there were no reports of any children being hurt.

    Dugan and the other officers had no idea who the teen was until long after the arrest -- and were said to be shocked when they figured it out.

    The teen was jailed from his Jan. 24 arrest until a judge released him in early March.