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The Mystery of the Disappearing "W" Signs

Homeowners say "welcome home" signs being stolen



    The Mystery of the Disappearing "W" Signs
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    Dallas homeowners say signs welcoming former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush to their new home are being stolen.

    Dallas homeowners say their gestures to welcome former President George W. Bush to his new home in North Texas are vanishing.

    Many homeowners have placed W shaped  yard signs on most of the lawns that lead up to Bush's new home. But they are being stolen, residents say.

    "This is our fourth 'Welcome home George and Laura' sign," said Lori Tucker, who lives on Villanova near NorthPark Center.

    She moved her latest sign inside. She said it was frustrating for the signs to continue being stolen, as well as getting expensive.

    "The first night that we had them out, they were in our front yard," she said. "They were taken."

    Residents say they don't know if the stolen signs are meant to be a personal attack on the former president or a prank.

    "I just think it's unfortunate that everyone is feeling hopeful and so full of unity that we can't show grace to the former president as well," Tucker said.

    Texas Christian University sophomore Patrick Bibb, whose parents live in the Bush's new neighborhood, started selling the $20 signs to help pay his tuition.

    He said he originally ordered 100 signs and was initially worried about being able to sell them all. To date, he has sold 800 signs -- and he said dozens of his customers are, like Lori Tucker, returning customers.

    Bibb said he suspects the signs are being taken by "people trying to make a statement that Bush doesn't deserve this."

    But regardless of why the signs keep vanishing, Turner said she will continue to buy them because she feels strongly about welcoming the Bushes home.

    Bush called Bibb to personally thank him for creating the signs.

    Bibb is donating $2 dollars for every sign sold to the nearby Pershing Elementary School library in honor of Laura Bush.