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Teen Arrested After Leaving Homework at Crime Scene

Utah man left USB drive and backpack in home's backyard



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    A suspected burglar was tracked down by his homework, police said.

    They don’t teach this in school but it's happened in the movies.

    An 18-year-old suspected burglar in Utah was tracked down after leaving his homework at the scene of the crime, police said.

    Orem police said they found a USB drive containing Dallas Naljahih’s homework in a backpack that was abandoned in the backyard of a couple’s burglarized house, The Associated Press reported.

    The husband and wife pair had alerted police to a break-in after the husband woke up to find a man rifling through a desk.

    The 75-year-old man punched the burglar, who then fled on foot, the AP reported.

    Police said that Naljahih was found sleeping at home along with evidence connecting him with the burglary.

    The bizarre incident recalled a scene from “The Big Lebowski” where characters played by John Goodman and Jeff Bridges confront a student they suspect stole “the Dude’s” car, having discovered the boy’s homework inside the car once it was recovered.