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Florida Man Rolling a Fatty For the Record Books

Tampa man poised to set the world record for rolling the longest cigar



    Florida Man Rolling a Fatty For the Record Books
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    We may have found a topic where a Napoleon complex might not be such a bad thing.

    A Tampa cigar maker plans to set a new Guinness World Record by rolling a stogie that's a whopping 180 feet long. A cigar that long would have lasted Boston Celtic's legendary coach and legendary cigar smoker Red Auerbach through all his championships.

    Longtime cigar maker Wally Reyes started the rolling duties on Thursday and will finish the nearly block-long smoke during the city's Cigar Heritage Festival on Nov. 21. An official from Guinness will be on hand at the festival to certify the record.

    Lucky for Reyes, Florida doesn't tax for cigars or he would surely be broke after this one.

    Reyes said he and his wife, Margarita, are building the cigar in18 sections -- each 10 feet long. It should take about 104 hours to build a cigar (build?) and another eight hours to put it all together. Reyes is stuffing his stogie with 140 pounds of tobacco.

    What a person would do with a cigar that long is anyone's guess, but the thing could wind up being long enough to serve as a bridge to Cuba.

    Speaking of which, Reyes held the longest stogie record up until last year when a roller from Havana set the new cigar mark of 148 feet long. That cigar will seem like a square compared to the fatty Reyes has planned.

    We guess you could say, he plans to smoke the competition.

    Figuratively and not literally we hope. It's a safe bet to assume that with the amount of tobacco expected to be stuffed in Reyes' monstrous creation, you'd probably die after one toke.