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Taiwanese Company Creates CGI Video of Fuming Flight Attendant

Flighty flight attendant Steven Slater is getting the Tiger Woods treatment.



    JetBlue Flight Attendant Gets Animated

    Taiwanese company Next Media Animation, famous for re-enacting news events with caricatures, created a parody of Steven Slater, a former JetBlue flight attendant who stormed off the job. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010)

    If you weren't one of the lucky passengers to witness Steven Slater's abrupt departure from his job as a JetBlue flight attendant Monday, not to worry - the Taiwanese have re-created the spectacle for you.

    The Taiwanese firm Next Media Animation developed a 3-D movie of Slater's escapades, showing how he got on the plane's public address system, cussed out everyone on the plane, grabbed a beer, and exited through an emergency landing slide.

    Slater was arrested and taken into court today to face charges for the incident, which took place Monday on flight 1052 at JFK airport.

    It's not the first time Next Media Animation has poked fun at a newsmaker: Last December, after Tiger Woods crashed his car near his Florida home, the company developed a CGI parody.  

    And earlier this year, Next Media created an avatar of a sex-crazed Al Gore going after a masseuse.