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Gorilla Steals Nintendo DS at San Francisco Zoo

Real-life Donkey Kong after child drops game in gorilla cage.



    Gorilla Steals Nintendo DS at San Francisco Zoo
    Chris Spicuzza

    A little boy learned a valuable lesson during his visit to the San Francisco Zoo: Keep a hold of your things.

    The child dropped his Ninendo DS into the gorilla exhibit last week. The gorilla, a big guy named Bawang, snapped it up and appeared to play.

    "The gorilla was very interested in his prized new find," Christina Spicuzza, a witness, wrote on her blog.

    Soon, a baby gorilla named Hasani came to play, too, and both gorillas puzzled over the small red console. Bawang played keep-away from Hasani, then put the DS in his mouth and started to walk away.

    Spicuzza took photographs and a short video, which she posted to her blog.

    In the end, the child -- who remains anonymous -- got his game back.  A zoo trainer came lured the animal to the side and traded the game for a shiny red apple.

    "(The trainer) told us they trained them to do that," Spicuzza told MSNBC. "If anything falls in there, they are trained that they get a reward if they throw it back."

    The DS console had a little slobber on it, but worked just fine.