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Reply-Allpocalypse: NYU Student Accidentally Replies-All To Entire Student Body

Sophomore was trying to forward a university email to his mom



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    An NYU student accidentally hit Reply All to a university-wide email and CC'd 40,000 of his peers, sparking Reply-Allpocalypse.

    When New York University sophomore Max Wiseltier got a Listserv email Monday about filing paperless forms with the school’s bursar, he tried to forward the message to his mom asking, “do you want me to do this?” The only problem? He accidentally hit Reply All and CC’d nearly 40,000 of his classmates, the NYU Local reported.

    Wiseltier’s mistake set off a chain reaction among the student body when they realized they could send any thought, photo, comment, complaint or GIF to the entire university with just one click.

    A sampling of some of the responses in the massive thread:

    “Well this could be fun.”

    “Pretty cool that this emails the entire student body. Because I’m graduating next month, I thought I’d use this opportunity to Say thanks for the memories, and good luck with everything!”

    “I want all of us to be happy forever.”

    “Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?”

    “All of you. Be quiet. Now.”


    “I’ll stop if he stops.”

    "...Education is wasted on you! You cannot learn! You're lost! I mean all of you! ..." - Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman) in "Lean on Me" (1989)

    One student simply sent out a photo of actor Nicholas Cage.

    According to NYU Local's Ben Zweig, Reply-Allpocalypse occurred because several NYU departments still rely an "older, discussion-based ListManager program," which sends mass emails, "but allows discussions (in the form of reply-alls), unless the settings are adjusted."

    Mailboxes were bombarded with the emails until Tuesday when the school realized the error and deleted the account, the Huffington Post reported.