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Lickable, Tasty Walls Installed Inside Company Elevator In London

The world’s first lickable elevator is lined with over 1,300 Jaffa Cakes, a popular UK orange-flavored sponge cake snack



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    Jaffa Cakes, London's popular orange-flavored, chocolate dripped, sponge cake snack, now lines the walls of the world's first lickable elevator in a communications building in the UK.

    Staff workers at a communications building in London have something more to do when they ride the company elevator or “lift.” They can lick the 1,325 Jaffa Cake flavored stickers that line the walls.

    Food technicians and artists took four weeks to install the Jaffa Cake flavored stickers inside the walls of an elevator in the communications firm, Engine, in Central London, the UK Daily Mail reported.

    McVities, the manufacturer of the popular orange-flavored, chocolate dripped sponge cake snack, said they took inspiration from the glass elevator in the film Charlie and the Chocolate factory when creating the lip-smacking elevator, the Daily Mail reported.

    The flavored walls were designed to help office workers relieve stress on their brief rides.

    “We are all about bringing a bit more fun to life and this was the perfect way to get a little joy straight to stressed out office workers,” Philipa Tilley, the Senior Brand Manager from Jaffa Cakes told The Drum.

    But what about the billions of bacteria the average person’s tongue is prone to?

    A Jaffa Cakes spokesman told the Daily Mail that the Jaffa Cake flavored stickers are removed and replaced once they’ve been licked.

    “Once a Jaffa Cake flavored spot is licked the spot is removed by a lift attendant who is in the lift the whole time staff have access," said the Jaffa Cakes spokesman. "His job is to stop any licking crossover, and potential germ spreading.”