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Disney World Forces Visitors to Cover Up "Peter Pan" Costumes

Disney said children might confuse them with the park's official characters



    Disney World Forces Visitors to Cover Up "Peter Pan" Costumes
    Disney officials weren't pleased when a teenager and her boyfriend showed up to Disney World's Animal Kingdom theme park Sunday dressed as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.

    There's only room for one Tinkerbell and Peter Pan in Disney World.

    A couple said Disney officials forced them to cover up their homemade character costumes on Sunday.

    April Spielman, 15, had had it all planned. For her boyfriend's first trip to the resort, she figured they'd dress the part.

    Decked out as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, the couple didn't need any pixie dust to get into Disney's Hollywood Studios but were stopped at the front gate of Disney's Animal Kingdom.

    In order to take a gander at the animals, the couple was told, they would have to change their clothes.

    "They said I looked too good," Spielman told Orlando CBS affiliate Local 6 News.

    "It just broke my heart," she said. "I didn't want to take off the costume."

    Disney officials told Spielman they didn't want kids to think she was the official Tinkerbell and gave her a free T-shirt to change into before allowing her into the park.

    Disney's website warns that "adult costumes or clothing that can be viewed as representative of an actual Disney character" may lead to a "refusal of admittance," although the theme park does offer pirate and princess makeovers to younger children.

    "They were talking how the little girls, it ruins their dreams," Spielman said. "But it ruined my dreams because I just want to be Tinkerbell."

    Disney reportedly gave Spielman's family Fastpass tickets so they could bypass lines on rides while she changed clothes.