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Move This House and It's Yours for $1

Deal attracts buyers from across Atlantic Ocean



    Move This House and It's Yours for $1
    Tara Bahrampour
    All this can be yours, if you can afford to cart it away.

    When a two-story farmhouse in Leesburg, VA. was first listed for $1 in the local paper, there wasn't much interest. 

    Then linked to The Washington Post article and people from as far as Great Britain and Beverly Hills, and as close as New York, sent in e-mails asking about the 1880s house, owned by H.H. Hunt. 

    The catch is that whoever buys the house has to move it -- something that would cost a minimum of $25,000, according to Bo Cook, Hunt's director of development. 

    The Loudoun Country Day School, which currently occupies the space, had looked at bringing the house with it when it moves this summer. But "it was exorbitantly expensive. In the hundreds of thousands," school headmaster and the house's former occupant Randy Hollister told the Post.  "An old two-story house with a cellar and attic, it's not going to go under traffic lights or power lines or things of that nature."

    Serious bidders can attend an open inspection at the house this month.