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Mo' Height, Mo' Money: Study

A new study shows the taller you are, the higher your salary is



    Mo' Height, Mo' Money: Study
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    The tallest of the bunch could also make the most money, a new study shows.

    Sorry, shorty - you could be headed to the poorhouse.

    The height of a man is proportional to the salary he earns, a new Swedish study reveals.

    The study, which will be published soon by Kalmar University in Sweden, conclusively found that the taller a man is, the more he banks at work, Swedish news outlet The Local reported.

    Study authors measured 500,000 men at the age of 18, then compared their relative salaries when they reached the the age of 28. A man who was ten centimeters taller than another made approximately six percent more money, the study showed.

    "These are not small differences we have noted," Professor Dan-Olof Rooth, who authored the study, told Swedish newspaper Ostran.

    Rooth called the effects "consistent" and "conclusive" but said that he and the other researchers were still studying why correlation occurred.

    The salary boost could be attributed in part to the fact that tall people tend to get sick less during childhood - giving them more time to develop professionally, Rooth said.