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Meet Original Kreaam Shabazz

Staten Island vying for coolest name ever



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    Campbell initially wanted the name "Black Cream Allah," based on a song by rapper Ghostface Killah.

    Original Kreaam Shabazz, please stand up. 

    Kyle Joseph Campbell, who unsuccessfully tried last year to change his name to Black Cream Allah is pushing for a new moniker -- Original Kreaam Shabazz, the Staten Island Advance reported.

    Campbell, a member of the Nation of Islam, attempted to change his name to Black Cream Allah, but was denied by a judge last year because the name was deemed sacrilegious and offensive.

    "Black Cream" comes from a song by rap artist Ghostface Killah. Because of its association with the hip-hop song and controversial religious undertones, judges have put the kibosh on the name-change request.

    ""I was [upset], but when I sat down and thought about it, I understood why he did it," said Campbell, 29, of the name-change rejection.

    "Black Cream -- in my nation that's a real strong name. But someone else sees the name and they might take that as funny, like I'm a joke," he said.

    So Campbell turned to his second choice, Original Kreaam Shabazz. The papers are currently working their way through the Staten Island courts and it should take a judge about two weeks to reach a decision.

    Shabazz is a reference to an "original tribe" of Islam, and could fare better than the controversial choice of "Allah" in the naming process, said Campbell, an assistant manager at a grocery store in West Brighton.