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Ganja Guide: Marijuana Dispensaries in L.A.



    Ganja Guide: Marijuana Dispensaries in L.A.
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    If you’re ever in Los Angeles and wondering exactly where to buy some pot – assuming you’ve got a prescription, of course – the LA Times has an interactive map that will guide you to the nearest dispensary with the simple entry of your zip code.

    And from the looks of it, you won’t have to drive too far.

    In fact, between already licensed dispensaries (186) and those who have applied for licenses (another 800!), the map is shockingly full of the funny stuff. If all the licenses are granted, it may be easier to find a pot dispensary than a McDonald's. And some might want to find both in one trip.

    There are, apparently, some guidelines that need to be met for approvals, reports the Times.

    A proposed Los Angeles city ordinance would prohibit dispensaries within 1,000 feet of a school, library or park. A Times analysis found that at least 260 of the addresses on file with the city clerk would be within a restricted zone. Operators contend that applications allow them to conduct business until the city reviews their cases. But many of the applications are no more than paper filed to secure future rights. Among those are the 58 registered at 8619 Reseda Blvd. Meanwhile, the reviews are proceeding so slowly that fewer than 100 cases have been decided.

    The upshot: if one of the existing 186 dispensaries is too far from home, medicinal marijuana buyers can keep an eye on this map and, over time, see which new locations open.

    Our eyes are on Northridge. If the 58 registered applications on Resenda Boulevard get approved, the Times might just need a bigger map.