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Hey Partner, Would You Like Coffee With Pee?

Man goes to jail for tainting colleague's coffee



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    Do you know where that coffee's been?

    The next time you're getting coffee from the office pot, you might want to take a good whiff.

    A man in Culpepper, Va., has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for putting pee into his colleague's coffee pot.  

    Turns out the man "had past conflicts or issues with this particular co-worker whom he harbors resentment toward," a detective wrote in the criminal complaint.

    You think, Sherlock?

    James C. Butler, 49, apparently peed into a workplace toilet, used a soda can to take liquid from said toilet and then placed the fluid in the victim's coffee pot, according to the complaint filed by the victim.

    A lab analysis confirmed that the liquid in the pot was indeed icky, yicky pee.

    Butler, who worked at the town of Culpeper sewer plant (yes, really) and has since been let go, turned himself in to police March 23 after a warrant was issued for his arrest, according to Inside Nova.

    Butler must also serve one year on probation and pay $50 in restitution for the incident.